Being a Christian is about more than turning up to the odd service: it’s about being part of a living and breathing community, the Church, which is the People of God in the world.

The Church is called primarily to worship, and there are many ways in which you can help do this, from being a regular attendee at our services, to taking a specific role by reading or serving or singing in the choir, for instance. You can also join in outside of the Sunday services by coming to one of our study or fellowship groups, such as the Men’s Society or Mothers’ Union, or by popping along to our Monday Morning Coffee Mornings each Monday during the summer. These are a great way of getting to know other people in the Church community, and beyond. You could also offer to help out with our children’s and youth work or get involved in serving the local community through the Food Bank: the possibilities are simply endless. Whatever your ‘thing’ is, these pages will help you explore how you can be a part of the People of God in this place.